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Prabha Tech is one of the largest IT services provider in GCC helping companies redefine their digital possibilities for nearly a decade now. With our team of 110+ tech evangelists, we are building the digital infrastructure of our clients positioning them to be the market leaders of their respective industries.


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Delivering exceptional digital products for almost a decade has enabled us to develop a sharp and focused understanding of every major industry.


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An energetic team of developers, engineers, and data scientists exceeding expectations making us the most preferred mobile app development company.


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Being a leading mobile app development firm, we transform industries and processes with the mission to elevate our clients’ offerings.


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Redefining enterprise digital transformation by injecting Fortune 500s and global conglomerates with the right set of tec


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Being a preferred mobile app development agency we believe that together we all grow stronger and that’s why we have strategic partnerships across the board.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What mobile app development services do you offer?

As a leading mobile application development company, we offer a comprehensive array of services, including:

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • React Native App Development
  • Wearable App Development
  • Web App Development
  • PWA Development

  • Our client-centric approach allows us to assist our clients all the way from the initial idea validation to execution and post-maintenance. This involves rigorous planning, design, development, testing, and deployment, ensuring that the mobile app is not only technologically robust but also aligns with the client's business vision and user expectations.

    What is the average cost and timeline for developing a mobile app?

    The overall cost to develop a mobile app can vary from $20,000 to $300,000 or more, depending on several factors, including:

    To ensure a successful development journey, it is essential to carefully consider and evaluate each of these elements during the planning and execution of your mobile app project.

    Coming to the project timeline, the overall time taken to build your custom mobile app directly depends on the app's complexity. For instance, a highly complex app with an extensive feature list can take around 12 to 14 months for execution. On the other hand, a simple app with minimal features can take around 2 to 4 months, on average.

    Balancing these factors and setting realistic expectations is vital to ensure a well-executed mobile app development process that aligns with your business goals and timelines.

    Get in touch with our app development experts to get clearer time and cost estimates based on your custom business requirements.

    Do you offer app maintenance and support services?

    Yes, we offer comprehensive maintenance and support services tailored to meet your business requirements. Being one of the best mobile app development agencies, our approach is centered around helping you choose the maintenance strategy that best aligns with your needs, ensuring the seamless operation of your software applications.

    Our app maintenance services encompass a wide range of offerings, including:

    Software upgrades as per emerging technologies
    Automated backups
    Issue management and response
    Ongoing support and bug fixes
    Regular performance and security enhancements
    Version upgrades
    Comprehensive user support
    Performance monitoring

    Do you develop software for both mobile and web platforms?

    As a dedicated software and mobile application developer company, our expertise encompasses across all platforms. Be it native, hybrid, or web, we cater to all your development needs.

    Our agile development approach is highly adaptable and tailored to your business goals and target audience. Whether you operate in healthcare, finance, eCommerce, or any other industry, we have the skill to create custom software that delivers exceptional value to your organization.

    What software development services do you offer?

    With a dedicated team of over 100+ skilled software developers and a track record of more than 110+ successful project deliveries, we are a leading mobile application developer company with the expertise and experience to cater to your unique software needs. Our comprehensive suite of software development services encompasses:

    Software Consulting
    Custom Software Development
    Enterprise Software Development
    Software Product Development
    Software Integration
    Custom CRM Development
    API Development
    ERP Software Development

    Our development approach is based on comprehending your specific business requirements, carefully crafting the most effective development plan, delivering results-oriented recommendations, and ensuring that your business objectives are met with utmost precaution.

    As a software company committed to ensuring your business goals are always met, we excel in building tailor-made software that communicates your brand's essence and effectively targets your desired audience, ensuring scalability and RoI.

    How do you ensure the security and quality of the software you develop?

    As the best software and mobile application development agency, we hold security and software quality in the highest regard. We begin the project by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to safeguard your information. This legally binding document emphasizes our commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of your sensitive data and establishing a secure and trustworthy partnership.

    Paying utmost importance to mobile app security, we align our development processes with industry-specific compliance standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc. These serve as guiding frameworks for development, ensuring that our software not only meets your business objectives but also adheres to the highest levels of security and quality.

    Furthermore, quality assurance is one of the vital pillars of our development process. We adhere to industry best practices and stringent testing protocols to guarantee the utmost quality of your software. Our comprehensive testing techniques encompass functional, performance, user, and security testing, which are vital in identifying and mitigating potential vulnerabilities or risks.

    Do you assist with software integration and data migration?

    Yes, we offer end-to-end software integration and data migration services that can simplify your critical business processes. As a dedicated mobile application development company, we ensure using a tailored strategy to optimize the software integration process. We start with a thorough analysis of your business objectives and align them with the most appropriate integration approach. We prioritize non-functional requirements like scalability and security to determine the ideal delivery model and governance structure.

    Coming to data migration, we ensure that our approach is structured and carefully crafted so as to ensure a seamless transition without compromising data integrity. We begin by assessing your data sources and gaining a comprehensive understanding of their unique characteristics, formats, and security requirements. We then carefully choose the most appropriate method, such as using ETL tools to move data from one database to another or using APIs to link different apps or systems together. Our selection is 100% aligned with your specific data quality, performance, and security needs.

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